Past meetings

1. August 1950; Debden (UK):                      Relations between secondary mathematical curricula and intellectual                                                                               capacity development of adolescent
2. April 1951; Keerbergen (B):                      The teaching of geometry in the first years of secondary schools 
3. August 1951; Herzberg (CH):                   The functional curriculum from kindergarten to University
4. April 1952; La Rochette (F):                      Mathematical and mental structures
5. August 1952; Wellerbach (L):                   Relations between mathematics teaching, modern science and technique
6. July 1953; Calw (D):                                 The connections between the pupils thinking and the teaching of                                                                                    mathematics
7. August 1954; Oosterbeek (NL):                 The modern mathematics at school
8. April 1955; Bellano (I):                              The pupil coped with mathematics. A releasing pedagogy
9. August 1955; Ramsau (A):                        The probabilities and statistics teaching at the university and the school
10. August 1956; Novi Sad (Y):                     The primary school teachers training
11. April 1957; Madrid (E):                            Teaching materials
12. August 1958; Saint Andrews (UK):          The question of problems in the mathematics teaching
13. August 1959; Aarhus (DK):                     The Universities and the schools coping with their mutual responsibilities
14. August 1960; Krakow (PL):                     Basic mathematics
15. July 1961; Founex-Coppet (CH):             Languages of the mathematics
16. August 1962; Morlanwelz (B):                 Experimental and axiomatic attitudes in the teaching  the  mathematics
17. August 1963; Digne (F):                         A reconstruction of the mathematics for those between 16 and 18
18. August 1964; Oberwolfach (D):              Contribution of psychology to a modern mathematical teaching
19. April 1965; Milano Marittima (I):              The place of the geometry in a modern mathematical teaching
20. April 1966; Dublin (IR):                           First steps in calculus in a modern mathematical teaching 
21. April 1967; Gandia (E):                           The teaching of the mathematics for those between 6 and 12
22. August 1970; Nice (F):                            Progress in mathematics since 1945. Study of new concepts
23. August 1971; Krakow (PL):                     The mathematical logic at school
24. August 1972; Morlanwelz (B):                 Algorithmic thinking in the school teaching
25. August 1973; Québec: (CND):                 The mathematical activity development in the education
26. August 1974; Bordeaux (F):                    Probabilities and statistics in the primary and secondary   education
27. August 1975; Tunis (Tunisie):                 Teaching mathematics, why?
28. August 1976; Louvain-la-Neuve (B):       Some questions related to the use of problems in the teaching of
29. August 1977; Lausanne (CH):                 Evaluation in the teaching of mathematics
30. August 1978; Santiago (E):                     Connections between mathematics education and the subjects to which                                                                         it serves and from which it is induced
31. August 1979; Veszprem (H):                   Mathematics for all and for everyone
32. July 1980; Oaxtepec (Mexico):                Mathematical and pedagogical aspects of mathematisation and applying
33. August 1981; Pallanza (I):                      Processes of geometrisation and visualisation
34. August 1982; Orléans (F):                      Means and materials for the teaching of mathematics
35. August 1983; Lisboa (P):                        Mathematics education in relation to the reality of schools and society
36. April 1984; Frascati (I):                          Restricted meeting: Aims, priorities and future modes of                                                                                                    action                       
37. August 1985; Leiden (NL):                     Mathematics for all ... in the computer age
38. August 1986; Southampton (UK):          Mathematics for those between 14 and 17, is it really necessary?
39. August 1987; Sherbrooke (CN):             The role of errors in the learning and teaching of mathematics
40. July 1988, Budapest (H):                       Restricted meeting: Structure and politics of the commission
41. August 1989; Bruxelles (B):                   Role and conceptions of mathematics curricula
42. July 1990; Szczyrk (PL):                         The teacher of mathematics in the changing world
43. July 1991; Locarno (CH):                       Restricted Meeting of the Commission: Preparation of the  future meetings
44. August 1992; Chicago (USA):                 The student confronted by mathematics
45. July 1993; Cagliari (I):                            Assessment focussed on the students
46. July 1994; Toulouse (F):                         Graphical and symbolical representation in mathematics education
47. July 1995; Berlin (D):                             Mathematics (education) and common sense
48. July 1996; Huelva (ES):                          Restricted Meeting of the Commission:  Constitution of CIEAEM
49. July 1997; Setubal (P):                           Interaction in the mathematics classroom
50. July 1998; Neuchâtel (CH):                     Links between theory and practice
51. July 1999; Chichester (GB):                    Cultural diversity and mathematics education
52. April 2000; Amsterdam (NL):                  Restricted meeting of  the Commission: Preparation  of the future                                                                                    meetings 
53. July 2001; Verbania  (I):                         Mathematical Literacy in the Digital Era
54. July 2002; Vilanova i la Geltru (ES):        A challenge for mathematics education: to reconcile commonalities and
55. July 2003; Plock(PL):                              The use of didactic materials   for developing pupils  mathematical                                                                                    activities
56. April 2004; París (FR):                             Restricted Meeting of the Commission: CIEAEM in today´s world 
57. July  2005; Palermo(I):                           Changes in the Society: a challenge for Mathematic Education (I)